Healthy Mind Healthy Body – A Taste of Yoga 2 Hour Beginners Workshop


Hi Everyone,

Now that the Blaxland Health Centre has had its grand opening, I am running a two hour beginner’s workshop to celebrate having the lovely new space to teach in !

It is being held on Sunday  16 November Blaxland Health 8 Laycock Ave, Blaxland – contact me for more information on

Most things in life take practice…


IMG_6119 (1) Just knowing about the concept of mindfulness is not enough.

To break the habit of becoming anxious or fearful about the future or feeling despondent about the past, takes time.

When I think about beating myself up about the past, I use the analogy of watching a re-run of a movie or a football match. You know what the outcome is going to be – your favourite character tragically dies midway through the movie, or the team you support loses because of one unfortunate slip up, yet you re-live the frame by frame actions over and over again to find the outcome remains the same.

So what is the point?

You can’t change past actions or outcomes – sometimes you learn something from the experience, but then sometimes you don’t…it is done.

So when you find yourself starting a re-run in your mind, that’s the time to hit the Pause button, take a deep breath and remind yourself you are here now, in the present moment. Now is all you have any control over so be still, concentrate on your breath, appreciate what is happening around you. Is the sun shining ? Is your favourite meal cooking on the stovetop? Pull your awareness away from the re-run and do what you can in the now to make your life the best that you can with what you have.

As for projecting the ‘what ifs’’ into the future – well as I said in my earlier post, you can prepare for something with the best skills that you have and often that is enough. However when life serves you up challenges, it is then that the practice of mindfulness is helpful to gain some serenity. Do the best you can in whatever circumstances you find yourself in, focus on your breath and create some peace in the space within yourself. This is really helpful to give you the clarity and focus that you need to think clearly, and gain some inner strength to deal with what life has brought for you to handle.

There are many breathing practices taught in yoga that help your body, mind and spirit. I have been talking about just the simplest calming ones for the mind, but there are also plenty that are energizing too. If you join a class you can find out more 

Remember you need to practice to be a musician, so too you need practice sometimes to be a more accepting human being.

Please let me know if this works for you, or tell me about your own experiences.

I think I might be getting there…


nature--people-wallpapers_29343_1680x1050When I was much younger than I am today, I worried about EVERYTHING. I felt I needed to be in constant control in the course of my life. If things didn’t progress the way I felt they should, I found it hard to handle.

This anxiety response was there whether it was someone letting me down for a Christmas gathering, right through to expectations of my own performance in something.

If I didn’t get 100% accuracy in a test I was undertaking, then I felt like a complete failure. I gave my time studying every chance I got and if the outcome wasn’t perfect then I felt all my time and effort had been wasted, even though the mark I got was still pretty good.

Once I bought a car because at the time I was in a relationship with someone who had children and I thought it was the perfect vehicle for us all to go out together in. The problem was, it was a much bigger car than I had been used to. I had always bought hatchbacks in the past and the amount of bingles and scrapes I started to get in to was unbelievable.

Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last and I remember saying to someone Ï really wish I hadn’t bought that car, it’s too big, I’m such an idiot to have gone out of my comfort zone and get one that size. The person I was talking to said to me you did what you thought was best at the time…and for the first time I really got it – with the information I had in front of me at that time, I had made a decision and, although the future changed the practicality of my decision, it had been right in that present moment.

So…with lots of practice I can finally say that I waste far less energy worrying about the future and how things will turn out. Situations I have no control over at all, but normally would cause me to worry regardless are becoming less frequent.

It’s called mindfulness, or living in the present moment and I spent so much of my life not doing this.

I have gradually learnt to “let go”” when something doesn’t go my way, or the way I had hoped it would and trust that the right path for me will open up in some other way – usually in a direction I would never have been aware of, if the circumstances hadn’t pushed me in another course.

If what I am relating to you sounds familiar and you would like to stop this cycle of stress you are creating for yourself, try taking baby steps to create a shift.

Someone living in an ashram once said that one should:

Hope for the best
Prepare for the worst
And take what comes

When you feel yourself getting caught up in worrying about the future, take your attention to your breath.

If you are in a situation where you can, place one hand over your navel and one hand to the centre of your chest and just be aware of the flow of your breath. Maybe repeat something mentally like “Be here now”’ to remind yourself that you are not living in what happened yesterday and the decisions you made then, nor are you living in the future and the unknown that the future brings. You are here now, in the present, in this body, in this moment…

[More on this subject to come] 

Finally Some Feedback :-)


Well some good news from some friends who have bought a copy of the CD… ‘exactly what I was looking for” was one comment and ‘my son slept well after listening to the evening relaxation’. Someone else with high blood pressure uses the relaxations when feeling unwell and finds it helps.

I am so pleased that it is proving a worthwhile resource and will be adding to the collection very soon:-)

If you would like to try it out for yourself just let me know.

Chakra Yoga Classes & Workshop


Well of course a thunderstorm blew up the modem on my computer halfway through the six week course, halting my updates. It took at least a month for our service provider to get things right again and then it all seemed too late to tell you all about the happenings of each week…

Can I just say it was a great experience for everyone involved and it really brought home to me the power of yoga to change our mood as well as adding flexibility and well being to our lives. I had a great time and I think I can safely say Karen did too. Thanks Karen for inviting me to join you on this adventure

Now I can Relax…


Awesome news! I have created my first yoga relaxation CD. It’s for people not necessarily in to yoga, but who need help to relax. The disc has three tracks- one for the morning before the day begins, one for at the end of the day, to get you in a restful state, ready to sleep and one creative visualisation  suitable for any time of the day.  Can’t wait for feedback from those I’ve sold already – people let me know soon!