A member of Yoga Australia and an Associate member with the Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association, I am keen to share the many benefits of yoga with you. I have been a yoga teacher for the past 11 years. Unlike some teachers, I have explored various traditions and yoga practices and created a style of yoga that is constantly changing and evolving the more I learn. It is a wonderful part of my life and I am still amazed at how much there is to learn and yoga and all its facets.

I initially trained with Swami Saraswati, but have now blended my continued knowledge and research into yoga to pass on to my students. I have also completed Certificates I and II in Yoga Therapy through Purna Yoga, Byron Bay.

I am not a breathy-voiced teacher who has all the answers and lives a life of total harmony and bliss. I am just a real person who gets mad in the traffic, gets stressed at work sometimes and has real relationships with people. The advantage I have is that through learning yoga, I can utilise and access so many different ways to help me overcome my shortcomings, help me to centre myself again and keep going each day!


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