Now I can Relax…


Awesome news! I have created my first yoga relaxation CD. It’s for people not necessarily in to yoga, but who need help to relax. The disc has three tracks- one for the morning before the day begins, one for at the end of the day, to get you in a restful state, ready to sleep and one creative visualisation  suitable for any time of the day.  Can’t wait for feedback from those I’ve sold already – people let me know soon! 


About jayadhara

I have been teaching yoga for the past eleven years and unlike a lot of teachers, have explored many traditions and yogic philosophies, so my practice and teaching is like a living organism. I wish I could say I was a breathy-voiced, calm yoga teacher who remains serene regardless of life's dramas, but that's not true. I get mad in the traffic, I get stressed sometimes at work and I have normal bump and grind relationships with people. The only difference is that since finding yoga I have many tools at my disposal to help me through life's little ups and downs. This blog I hope will record my thoughts about different yoga-related stuff that I would like to share hopefully get to interact with other life travellers :-)

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