Chakra Yoga Classes & Workshop


Well of course a thunderstorm blew up the modem on my computer halfway through the six week course, halting my updates. It took at least a month for our service provider to get things right again and then it all seemed too late to tell you all about the happenings of each week…

Can I just say it was a great experience for everyone involved and it really brought home to me the power of yoga to change our mood as well as adding flexibility and well being to our lives. I had a great time and I think I can safely say Karen did too. Thanks Karen for inviting me to join you on this adventure


About jayadhara

I have been teaching yoga for the past eleven years and unlike a lot of teachers, have explored many traditions and yogic philosophies, so my practice and teaching is like a living organism. I wish I could say I was a breathy-voiced, calm yoga teacher who remains serene regardless of life's dramas, but that's not true. I get mad in the traffic, I get stressed sometimes at work and I have normal bump and grind relationships with people. The only difference is that since finding yoga I have many tools at my disposal to help me through life's little ups and downs. This blog I hope will record my thoughts about different yoga-related stuff that I would like to share hopefully get to interact with other life travellers :-)

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