Blaxland Blue Mountains Yoga Class

Judy’s class will improve  your strength and flexibility, release stress and quieten your mind in flowing yoga sequences for whole body well being.

You will gain confidence from getting to know your body, its physical limitations and its strengths while being able to constantly challenge yourself and see improvement as your practice continues over time.

Many students can tell you that after practising yoga for a length of time, should you suddenly stop practising for any reasons, you will notice the difference yoga has made to your life once it has  gone.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

  • Practising yoga on a regular basis
  • Creates a sense of well being on every level
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Enhances stamina and concentration
  • Creates energy and stimulates your circulation
  • Works on your muscles and massages your internal organs
  • Promotes relaxation and confidence

Mental Level

On the mental level, the relaxation session conducted at the end of each class is designed to promote “time out”. Allowing time to refresh and relax from the stresses we all face in life, through guided meditation and creative visualisation.

Emotional and Spiritual Levels

On the emotional and spiritual levels, yoga allows you to address challenges in your personal life.

Should you wish to explore the yogic lifestyle in more depth, Judy touches on the methods and strategies which can be learnt to help you face life’s pressures.

Physical Level

Physically, Yoga helps you to build inner strength through your core. Repetition of postures increase strength and stamina without the high impact usually experienced  with other forms of exercise.

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